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The leaders of Xinxiang North Vehicle Instrument Company conduct professional education for students of the School of Electronic Information
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On October 14, 2020, at the invitation of the Department of Measurement and Control of the School of Electronic Information, Li Dongwei, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Xinxiang North Vehicle Instrument Company, and a group of 4 people came to our school to give lectures on professional education and employment guidance for students in related majors such as measurement and control.

Vice President Dan Yongping, Deputy Director of Aviation Control Engineering Department Lu Xiangyang, and Deputy Director of Measurement and Control Department Chang Jing gave a warm welcome and reception.

During the lecture, Yongping and Lu Xiangyang led the company’s leaders to visit the innovation laboratory and conducted in-depth exchanges, which laid a good foundation for promoting exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises.


Company leaders have face-to-face communication with college leaders and some 17-level graduates

Due to the scattered students' courses, the lecture was divided into four sessions.

The first session 8:30-10:10, Building No. 129, mainly provides professional education for 20-level measurement and control freshmen. Li Dongwei explains and analyzes the professional knowledge of practical applications from the perspective of the enterprise, helping freshmen to learn their majors

From an abstract concept to a concrete product.


Li Dongwei, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the company, provides professional education for 20-level measurement and control freshmen

The second session 10:30-12:00, Building No. 218, mainly conducted face-to-face exchanges with the leaders of the college and some 17-level graduates, and asked Dean Dan and Teacher Lu for details on the company’s various product technologies.

Comprehensive discussions and exchanges promote mutual understanding between schools and enterprises, and also provide a platform for graduating students to learn more about the company and better choose their own employment targets.The third session 14:00-15:40 (No. 2 Group Building 219) and the fourth session 16:00-17:50 (No. 11 Building 310), these two lectures are mainly for the employment of automation, measurement and control 17 graduates

The presentation meeting mainly introduced the company’s development history and main research products to the 17th grade graduating students, and conducted in-depth exchanges with some graduates of our school on employment requirements, professional knowledge, and the company’s product series. The company’s deputy general manager and general manager

Engineer Li Dongwei said that the technology required by the company is highly compatible with our college's majors, and welcomes the graduating students from our college to join the company for development.


Li Dongwei, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the company, gave a lecture for graduates of measurement and control level 17


This professional education has better promoted the communication between schools and enterprises, deepened mutual understanding between each other, and played a positive role in deepening the integration of production and education by the college and deepening the development of service enterprises.






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