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The School of Electronic Information held the 2020 employment promotion meeting and the meeting for the sinking of government officials as counselors
2020-07-08 孙攀  审核人:   (Click: )
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The School of Electronic Information held the 2020 employment promotion meeting and the meeting for the sinking of government officials as counselors




On the morning of July 1, the School of Electronic Information held the 2020 Employment Promotion Conference and the Meeting of Officials of Shenyang College in Building 218, Longhu Campus.

Wang Yuanyuan, deputy secretary of the college’s party committee, presided over the meeting. Cui Tao, Gu Bo, the sinking cadres, Wang Xiaolei, secretary of the college’s party committee, Qu Boyang, dean, directors and deputy directors of each department, and all the staff of the Student Affairs Office attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Yuanyuan reported the employment situation of the college's 2020 graduates and the main difficulties in the current job.

Qu Boyang emphasized that due to the impact of the new crown pulmonary epidemic, the employment of the 2020 graduates is facing unprecedented difficulties, but all the staff of the college must overcome difficulties, give full play to the advantages of various majors and departments, and make every effort to help and guide students in employment.

He requested that all departments should first raise their ideological awareness, attach great importance to employment, and fully realize that the quality of employment is related to the long-term development of the college, and is also closely related to the happiness of students' families and students' personal development.

Secondly, it is necessary to be a good “bridge” between graduates and employers. At present, the problem of shortage of talents and students’ employment difficulties exist at the same time. Each department must promptly communicate the employment needs of relevant companies to students, and actively recommend excellent colleges to companies.

Graduates, achieve a win-win situation for students and employers.

Finally, it is necessary to give full play to the role of graduate instructors in employment work, guide students to establish a correct outlook on employment, and objectively understand their own advantages and disadvantages.

Precise policies for graduates, one-on-one assistance, and at the same time pay attention to the employment status of key students in difficult families and epidemic areas.

Teacher Chang Jing from the Department of Measurement and Control, as a representative of the Department of Outstanding Employment Work, shared his experience at the meeting.

The graduating class counselor analyzed and reported on the specific employment situation of each major.                                

Wang Xiaolei introduced the situation of the cadres who served as counselors in the Shenyang College. On behalf of the college, the cadres Cui Tao and Gu Bo expressed a warm welcome, and said that the faculty and staff of the college will fully support the work of the two comrades and learn from the outstanding cadres

Working style, I also look forward to the joining of the two comrades to bring new opportunities to the work of the college.

Wang Xiaolei also emphasized the importance of employment again. He pointed out that employment is the biggest livelihood of the people and is related to social stability. From the Party Central Committee to the party committees at all levels always attach great importance to employment.

Difficulties, fully promote the employment of 2020 graduates.

Officials Cui Tao and Gu Bo said that they will strictly follow the requirements of school officials to sink the college, and work hard, and are determined to work together with the faculty and staff of the college, especially to inject new strength into the student management of the School of Electronic Information.

On behalf of the student work team, Wang Yuanyuan welcomes the arrival of the sinking cadres, and believes that their joining will surely promote the management level of the college and the level of service for students to a higher level.

At the same time, the recent employment schedule is arranged and deployed, and all departments are required to strictly follow the requirements of the party committee of the college, overcome difficulties, and earnestly serve as graduates' employment and life mentors.



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